1. Object

The lessor delivers the vehicle to the lessee in perfect working order with all its documents, tires, tools and accessories. The lessee undertakes to keep them and to drive the vehicle in compliance with the rules of the Highway Code.

2. Duration and return of the vehicle

The contract will have the agreed and stipulated duration. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the lessee wishes to extend the duration of the contract, he must notify the lessor before the end of the contract and previously have the authorization of the lessor depending on the availability of vehicles. The lessee will return the rented vehicle, together with its documents, tires, tools and accessories on the date and place indicated. Failure to comply with this condition empowers the lessor to judicially require the return of the vehicle.

3. Use of the vehicle

The vehicle may only be driven by the lessee and persons authorized in the contract, with a maximum of two additional drivers. The drivers of the vehicle must be in possession of a valid driving license in accordance with the characteristics of the vehicle, and be over EIGHTEEN YEARS and a minimum of ONE DAY old driving license.

The lessee must use the leased vehicle in accordance with the following conditions of use:

  • You may not make changes to the structure of the leased vehicle, specifically, you may not mount a roof rack or luggage and/or merchandise.
  • You may not use the vehicle to push or tow any other vehicle or trailer.
  • You may not use the vehicle in sports events or training of any modality and resistance tests of materials, accessories or products for automobiles.
  • You may not assign, sell, sublet, mortgage or pledge the vehicle or any of its elements or tools.
  • You may not use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances.
  • You will not be able to circulate with the vehicle outside the Spanish mainland territory.
  • You may not manipulate or unseal the odometer, and you must notify the lessor of any fault with it. The mileage will be measured by said odometer or by road maps if it breaks down.
  • The lessee must stop and immobilize the vehicle when he detects any anomaly in its operation or any warning light that indicates a malfunction of the same lights up, and must immediately contact the lessor or the assistance company that he has arranged.
  • The leased vehicle may not be used for the transport of passengers or merchandise for commercial or industrial purposes if this is not its object.
  • The commercial vehicle may not be used for the transport of goods classified as special by current transport laws.
  • Inside the vehicle it is forbidden to smoke and transport more costs, being penalized with €150 for these events.
  • Delays in the delivery of the vehicle that exceed 30 minutes will be charged for one day according to the public rate. It may increase if the return is made outside of office hours according to the charge rate.

4. Payments by the lessee

The lessee undertakes to pay the lessor the amount that has been agreed as the total rental price. The price will include the amounts set for time and mileage, if any, fuel contracted or not spare parts, insurance contracted and taxes derived from the contracting. The application of the rate initially agreed upon is subject to the return of the vehicle to the designated place.

The lessee undertakes to pay the lessor for the damages caused to the vehicle and expenses that it entails, due to the use of incorrect fuel. The lessee must proceed to replace any element of the vehicle that is damaged or lost due to causes attributable to the lessee. The lessee must provide the required deposit to cover possible liabilities, and in general must pay all amounts incurred by the lessor that have derived directly from the use of the vehicle by the lessee and that are legally attributable to the lessee. The expenses incurred by the lessor in the claim of any of the above to the lessee, will be paid as established by Spanish law. The lessor reserves the right to cancel the delivery of the vehicle in case of doubts about the financial capacity of the client or due to his history of non-payment or serious incidents with Punta Marina Rent a Car.

5. Maintenance and repairs

The lessor assumes the normal mechanical wear of the vehicle. The repairs carried out by the lessee must be previously authorized by the lessor and provide the corresponding invoice in the name of the lessor for reimbursement.

6. Insurance, accidents and theft

The lessee and drivers authorized to drive the vehicle participate in the unlimited civil liability insurance policy arranged by the lessor. The lessee, in the event of an accident, must inform the lessor immediately of any accident and fill out the accident report with the complete information of the opposite and possible witnesses, which must be sent to the lessor. The existence of injuries must be brought to the attention of the competent authorities. In the event of an accident, and whenever possible, the lessee will not abandon the rented vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect and safeguard it. In case of theft, the lessee must file a complaint with the competent authority and send a copy to the lessor. The lessee may contact the lessor by telephone, fax, email address or physical address of the lessor’s establishment.

7. Payment Process

To complete a reservation correctly at you must choose the payment system for your order among those offered by Punta Marina Rent a Car on its website. Currently the available payment system is Virtual POS (Card Payment), which is managed by the company that owns this means of payment and uses the 3DSecure system in the payment gateways, redirecting the data to secure servers without the merchant being able to access to them or store them.

Once the reservation process is complete, Punta Marina Rent a Car will send you an email detailing the details of your order.

8. Jurisdiction

In case of disagreement or lawsuit between the parties, they agree to submit to the Courts that legally correspond.

9. Data protection – Privacy

  • Responsible: Rubén Manuel Martínez Collado
  • CIF/DNI: 77714895B
  • Address: Calle Escorpiones, s/n – C.C. Punta Marina Local 9 – 03185 – Torrevieja (Alicante)
  • Legitimation: Necessary for the execution of a contract and for the application of pre-contractual measures.
  • Purposes: Provide the contracted service.
  • Rights: Access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation and portability by letter to the address indicated above, attaching a copy of your NIF/NIE/Passport. You can also file a claim with a control authority.
  • Recipients: Assignments and/or transfers of personal data are foreseen for the contracting of computer services of: cloud computing, communication platforms, as well as other related services.
  • Conservation: While the relationship between the parties is maintained or during the years necessary for compliance with legal obligations, without prejudice to the exercise of the rights that assist you as an interested party.